Matlab Kinematics Toolbox

The Matlab kinematics toolbox is something I put together over the course of my PhD to speed up prototyping robotics and computer vision related tasks at the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, ETH Zurich. Much of the mathematics (and indeed the inspiration for the library) comes from A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation by Murray, Li, and Sastry.

Details and source files can be found at the Matlab Kinematics Toolbox.

A-star Path Planner

Here is a simple C++ implementation of A* I put together a few years ago for doing path planning with our Magmite robots. The code is fairly clean, and should be easy to use for other simple path planning tasks. It is not as heavily optimized as some A* implementations out there, but by doing so it is pretty easy to learn how A* works. Take a look and feel free to use it if you'd like.

Details and source files can be found at the A* Path Planner for C++.


The libdiss5 library was implemented to provide me with low-level access to the DISS-5 scan controller from Point Electronic GmbH in Linux. The software currently supports gathering full-frame SEM images as well as region-of-interest images.  If you are interested in using the software, please send me an e-mail and we'll see what we can work out.


Early in my time at IRIS, I spent some time working on mobile robots and the Player/Stage software framework. The Player robot server is one of the most widely used robot control interfaces, and I highly reccommend it. At the time, I helped out with the C++ client libraries of version 2.0 as well as writing a few of the drivers and tutorials.