Photography Tutorial

What's the point of all this?  Well, there are tons of photography tutorials on the web written by excellent photographers.  Why one more then?  As many of my projects do, I guess this tutorial stems from a discussion I had with a friend of mine at a bar not too long ago.  He had just purchased a new camera and decided that instead of reading the 500 page manual, maybe he could buy me a beer and get a more succinct version.

This tutorial is targeted at your average digital photographer who sometimes find himself looking at an image thinking, "why can't I do that?"  It is intended to be an informal introduction to many of the concepts needed to improve one's photography.  Although I'm by nature very technical, I'm going to try to avoid overly detailed descriptions and provide the bare-bones information to improve your photography.  One of the beauties of the web is that we can easily link in more detailed information for those inclined to read it. 

All of this is based on my experiences with digital photography over the past ten years.  During this time, I've moved through five different camera bodies and have taken over 20,000 photos.  Personally, I'd say I'm technically fairly proficient and artistically improving.  Helping the reader to this point is one of the goals of this article.  A few small changes can make a big difference, so here we go...